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AMX Biodiesel Fuel Station

for your vehicle

Powering vehicles with Biodiesel that is made of natural sources and vegetable oils is one of the best ways to save money as well as environment.Biodiesel is the new technology that powers car efficiently, makes car function better, makes car last for a longer time, does not harm environment and does not need require any modification in engine.

Why Bio Diesel?

  • Certified by government of India
  • Environment friendly
  • Biodiesel use reduces vibration
  • Reduces pollution by 80%
  • 2 rupees per liter cheaper than the market price
  • In all diesel vehicles without any changes biodiesel is used, also
    can be mixed with other diesel

Welcome to AMX BIOFUEL

Why Choose Us

Serving Biodiesel, Biodiesel Fuel, Vehicles Diesel Fuel which reduces environmental pollution and helps you save money on fuel.
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    Our Services

    Rising need for more and more Biodiesel Stations is the main reason why we started working as a service provider and began
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    Our Aim

    With growing use of our offerings, we are planning to expand our company. With expansion, we would surpass customers'
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    Why Choose Our Company?

    AMX Biodiesel was established in the year 2016 at Indore (Madhya Pradesh, India) to bring forth Biodiesel, Biodiesel Fuel Station
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    Benefits of AMX Biodiesel

    We are a company trusted in the countrywide for making availing best biodiesel made using natural sources. Our range is playing

2.5 Lakhs Jobs

  • Agriculture

  • Green Chemistry

  • Oilseed Crushing

  • Research & Development

Target 2025 in India

  • 65% of New Car

  • 100% of Trucks with Bio Fuel

Get your

Bio Diesel Fuel Station

Biodiesel fuel stations are equipped with the advance facilities and technologies in order to ensure the rendering of purest fuel production.

350+ Satisfied Clients In India

There are more than 350 happy clients in India , they are doing amazing in bio diesel field. There is a simple process to be AMX  biodiesel’s station proprietor. We have attached some PDF related to AMX station acquiring process. No. of clients are increasing as we are committed for our excellent services and post services. We fulfill the customer requirement and give them chance to grow themselves in bio diesel industry.

Our Mission:

With growing demand and use of our offerings, we are planning to expand our business.

Compatible with vehicle brands

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