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हां हैनहीं है पर ले सकते है

हां हैनहीं है पर लोन ले सकते है


Powering vehicles with Biodiesel that is made of natural sources and vegetable oils is one of the best ways to save money as well as environment. Biodiesel is the new technology that powers car efficiently, makes car function better, makes car last for a longer time, does not harm environment and does not need require any modification in engine. This diesel is cheap and definitely worth investing in. With the rising concerns of modern people for environment and need for this new technology, we, AMX Biofuel were established.

We are a 2016 formed company, established as a manufacturer and wholesaler with an aim to contribute excellently in the growing Indian industry. We have largely invested money on hi-tech machinery for producing Biodiesel, Bio Fuel, Biodiesel Fuel, Vehicles Diesel Fuel and developed Bio Pump as well as Bio Diesel Fuel Station. Being a one-stop source to avail aforesaid, we are growing steadily. We also serve as a service provider and offer to our customers Bio Diesel Fuel Station Installation Service.

Our Services

Growing need for more and more Biodiesel Stations in our country is the main reason why we have started operating as a service provider and began providing Bio Diesel Fuel Station Installation Service. Experts who have good knowledge and experience in installation, render this service. Through these stations, end consumers can avail the benefits of fueling their car with biodiesel, which is cheap and not harmful to environment. Supreme in quality Bio Pump, Bio Fuel Pumps are also placed for users benefit. Our experts install biodiesel fuel station very responsibly.

Our Aim

With growing demand and use of our offerings, we are planning to expand our business. With expansion, we would surpass customers’ expectations to serve our offerings in not only Indore and nearby locations but in other cities as well.

Why Choose Our Company?

AMX Biodiesel was formed in the year 2016 at Indore (Madhya Pradesh, India) to introduce Biodiesel Fuel Station, Bio Pump, Bio Fuel Pump and Biodiesel. Our offered range of products is hugely appreciated by customers for accurate quality. We have qualified and experienced professionals who employ new and benefiting methods to produce aforesaid products. The entire product-line is quality controlled by our quality keepers. Consistency in offering quality and right value for money has been helping us maintain our foothold and position in the competitive industry.

Benefits of AMX Biodiesel

We are a firm which is trusted all over the nation for making avail best biodiesel made using best natural sources. Our range is playing the best role in not replacing petroleum diesel, but balancing energy policy. There are many benefits of using our biodiesel, a few of them are listed below:

  • Improvement in health and reduction in pollution.
  • Low carbon as well as sulphur consumption.
  • Reduction in the requirement of fuel purchased from international countries.
  • Improved the performance of vehicle.

Our History

AMX started out it 2016 and our journey from small infrastructure and less manufacturing of Bio diesel to India’s number 1 Bio diesel manufacturing company. We bring good luck and prosperity to our clients by delivering ,installation , CRM , Services etc.

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